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June 24, 2018



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Behind-The-Ear (BTE)


Model              : Lotus 12 SP

Style                 :  BTE

  • Fully digital signal processing hearing aid at an affordable price
  • Highly advanced feedback elimination system for better wearing comfort.
  • Robust design with reinforcement. Moisture-proof & improved reliability.
  • Super high power & performance with low battery consumption.
  • Free programmi





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Siemens Lotus 12 SP Analog Hearing Aid is designed for severe to profound hearing losses. It is a combination of the latest trimmer technology with latest digital hearing features. For the wearer it means superior sound quality with comfortable hearing. It is a fully digital signal processing hearing instrument. The device has a robust design and is moisture-proof. Therefore, no matter how humid the environment is, moisture content will not percolate into the device. The rocker volume control allows the wearer to adjust the volume settings. It can be set high when outdoors and low when indoors.

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