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September 01, 2018


Owgels Oxy-Med 

Product details:

Operation           :            Electrical

Operation Mode:            Table Top

Weight (kg)          :            1.3

Power (W)             :            180w

Portable                  :            Yes

Warranty                 :           1 yrs

Application              :           Hospital, Clinical Purpose, Home use

Model                        :           MO-NBZ03

Brand                         :          Owgels

Age Group                 :        Adult, Children


*Piston sytle compressor *Assures strong pressure and flow *Durable *Automatic cut off if over heated, assures long life of the piston pump *Longer continous usage *Heavy-duty motor, ideal for health practice and home use, continous usage for longer period *Effective medication delivery
Delivery medication effectively and efficiently with clinical accuracy for low/upper respiratory tract  *Reusable nebulizer kit *Complete nebulizer kit included, easy to use and clean, dishwasher safe *Most Effective Respiratory Therapy  *Particles less than 5um *Four stage air purification  *Less than 55 dB *Easy to carry.

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