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June 21, 2017


Flamingo Thigh Support

For weak or over-stressed thigh and hamstring muscles. Reduces fatigue, muscle tiredness



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Elastic Thigh Support is designed to protect and prevent thigh injuries. By compressing and supporting the thigh, the  Elastic Thigh Support helps to protect these critical muscles against injury and/or speed up the recovery of existing strains and pains.

The boost to circulation the ¬†Elastic Thigh Support gives via its compression helps to reduce swelling and pain. It’s seamless material fits comfortably around the thigh for maximum protection and defence, allowing you to concentrate on your rest and recovery.

Features of the  Elastic Thigh Support

  • Boosts circulation to improve recovery
  • Provides gentle but effective compression
  • Reduces swelling and pain to make recovery easier
  • Great for warming up and cooling down during exercise – helps defend against injury
  • Increased blood flow keeps muscles warm and supple, encouraging quicker recovery and preventing future injury
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