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June 02, 2017


Heat therapy promotes blood circulation around the surface of the joints, providing the joints and muscles with blood and nutrients needed to support healing and reduce recovery time.

When used daily Paraffin Wax can reduce aches and sprains suffered throughout the course of the working day and increase long term health of the hands. This can be observed through increased manoeuvrability and a reduction in painful swelling and inflammation.


Paraffin Wax

Therapeutic Paraffin Wax is a smooth, odourless wax capable of providing heat and moisture therapy to the hands and feet. Paraffin Wax melts at a temperature between 48ºC and 52ºC, the best way to melt the wax is to buy a Paraffin Wax bath, which is available on this website.

Therapeutic Paraffin Wax is a pharmacological free, fast acting way of providing therapeutic heat therapy. Paraffin Wax also works to lock in moisture to the skin, preventing against dryness and promoting a healthy, youthful look.

When heated to the ideal temperature, Paraffin Wax should kill most bacteria and pathogens, meaning that the skin is refreshed and the wax remains hygienic.

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